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Take a look at Trumar Shoes from 1995 to today.


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Trumar Footwear was founded in 1995 as a manufacturer of quality safety footwear. 


In close collaboration with its researchers, Trumar designs products that offer the highest level of safety, durability and ergonomics.

The company's safety concept is a full solution in technical footwear aiming at reducing accidents and maximising the comfort and well-being of its clients, through the design of high quality products, with distinctive techniques and advanced and innovative materials.


Trumar Footwear aims to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction at all at all stages of production, delivery and after sale services, thanks to its 120 highly motivated employees and dynamic staff.

A continuous follow-up mechanism has been created for industrial workers, motorcycle riders and nature sports lovers, with user comments and feedback, satisfaction surveys, field research and R & D studies. Moreover, these studies provide valuable know - how to Trumar to development better products strengthen its position in the domestic and foreign markets.


All of our products are certificated by independent organizations as a result of the necessary laboratory tests for meeting the relevant standards.


Trumar developed a distinctive approach in the area of protection footwear, by allying the expertise and experience gathered throughout the years with a strong dynamism at the level of innovation, design and development of products. The Trumar safety concept includes a full solution for foot protection, always in the forefront of the safety sector.

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